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Governance & Compliance [clear filter]
Friday, September 14


OPEN TALK: Regulation and Cryptocurrencies
Future framework of token sales: Regulatory trends of 2018.


Anton Dianov

Chief Investment Officer, Jaguar Capital Advisors

Friday September 14, 2018 10:00am - 10:25am
Expo Stage


OPEN TALK: The Future of Blockchain and Government Regulation
Discussing the first California Blockchain bill, AB 2658. What it is, what it means and how it and other bills and regulations will change the blockchain landscape.The discussion of this bill continues, we will discuss the pros and cons of this kind of regulation and how it is going to change the future.

avatar for Greg Osuri

Greg Osuri

CEO & Co-Founder, Overclock Labs
Greg is founder & CEO of Overclock Labs, where he develops protocols, tools, and infrastructure to make foundational elements of the internet open, decentralized, and simple. Previously, Greg founded AngelHack and was the CTO for the world's largest hackathon-accelerator with over... Read More →

Friday September 14, 2018 11:00am - 11:50am
Expo Stage


OPEN TALK: Regulatory Environment for Cryptocurrencies and ICOs
Regulatory landscape and outlook for cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

avatar for Robert Crea

Robert Crea

Of Counsel, K&L Gates LLP
Robert M. Crea counsels investment advisers, private fund managers and broker-dealers on a variety of fund formation, regulatory and compliance, and securities law matters. He regularly works with clients to structure and document U.S. and offshore private investment funds and assists... Read More →

Friday September 14, 2018 1:00pm - 1:50pm
Expo Stage


OPEN TALK : Regulatory Compliance in Blockchain
With the amount of ICO scams, companies being unable to deliver on promised product, pump and dump schemes in the secondary markets, it is imperative for the space to become regulated in order to continue growing. The panel will discuss the various pros and cons to regulation, how to implement it, potential options to backdate compliance for the companies delivering on their promises.

avatar for Brian Kanda

Brian Kanda

CEO & Co-Founder, FloraChain
A passionate entrepreneur in global trade with an eye for active markets. He founded H2Organics to build modular grow containers deployable anywhere in the world and most recently co-founded BloomHouse to produce and commercialize un-manned floral retail units. Brings extensive experience... Read More →

Friday September 14, 2018 2:00pm - 2:50pm
Expo Stage


OPEN TALK: A Global, Distributed Identity and Trust Management System Using Distributed Ledgers
Much of the Internet is built on use of digital certificates to provide trusted assertions. Digital certificates have many limitations that can now be overcome using distributed ledgers and other components. While many applications of blockchains have unproven value or can be implemented more efficiently without them, we demonstrate that blockchains and other forms of distributed ledgers can be used to construct a global system that solves many of the current problems in identity and trust management systems. This system allows us to establish identity and trust management systems that can gracefully scale to include the Internet of Everything. The talk will discuss many of the limitations of current certificate authorities such as: · Scale: Current CAs are hierarchical, so the production of trusted assertions is limited by the inability of CAs to efficiently organize means for trusting assertions from authorities that naturally need to cover billions of diverse topics from billions of authoritative sources that interact in non-hierarchical ways. · Perfect Forward Integrity: Certificate base systems rely on the security of signing keys. When a signing key is compromised, all certificates signed with the key both in the future as well as the past, lose verifiable authenticity. Worse, all assertions made in the past with keys downstream in a certificate chain are compromised. This exacerbates and is exacerbated by the scaling issue described above. A system with perfect forward integrity is needed whereby assertions are still valid and authenticatable as long as we know they were made before the key was compromised. · Revocation and renewability: After decades of deployment of Certificate Management systems, revocation and renewability remain difficult and unscalable even for homogeneous applications. Identity management for entities whose attributes can change often requires new thinking and systems. · Impending collapse from Quantum Computation: All certificate schemes that are in practice today are vulnerable to QC attacks that can someday render all digital certificates past, present and future useless. The proposed distributed ledger-based system will include the following features: · A heterogenous system of distributed ledgers with common interfaces can become a universal recording mechanism for all types of trusted assertions about "rich identities" for all kinds of entities. · This heterogeneous system can evolve to naturally and securely support assertions from the "natural" authorities able to cover diverse attributes about diverse entities. This system will scale as more entities need to rely on one another in an Internet of Everything. · We introduce the concept of "trusted derivatives" of distributed ledgers that can be used to efficiently make trusted assertions available to individual entities and applications optimized for their needs. · While the virtuous immutability and auditability of distributed ledgers can make revocation and renewability challenging, we can use these trusted derivatives to provide the latest trusted assertions, including any changes and revocations, available in highly efficient ways. Under this system, users of trusted information can be guaranteed the latest information provided at low latency and high reliability. Costs of the system can be scaled according to the level of assurance required. · A few simple, optimizable components can be designed to provide a highly reliable, adaptive, scalable system that efficiently transfers information from trusted assertion producers with recognized authority on specific topics to trusted assertion consumers who will use that information according to their specific applications and their own personalized policies. · The architecture allows for the use of many different types and formats of trusted assertions. This architecture will support notions of "incremental trust", blind authorization, anonymity, and confidentiality. · The system is designed to significantly reduce vulnerability to quantum computing attacks.

avatar for David Maher

David Maher

Chief Technical Officer, Intertrust Technologies
David Maher has over 30 years of experience in secure computing and is responsible for Research and Development at Intertrust. Before joining Intertrust in 1999, he was chief scientist for AT&T Secure Communications Systems, Head of the Secure Systems Research Department, and security... Read More →

Friday September 14, 2018 3:00pm - 3:50pm
Expo Stage


OPEN TALK: Patent Landmines in the Blockchain
The financial services industry is making significant investments into the blockchain, a distributed ledger technology best known for enabling the digital currency bitcoin. Realizing the economic potential of blockchain technology could result in sharply lowered fund transfer times and costs while bolstering security. Recent patent applications by several financial services firms offer insight into how those firms think blockchain technology could work, and the race to patent it could lead ultimately to the next big battle over technology standards and who owns them. We will discuss patent trends affecting blockchain.

avatar for Eric Schulman

Eric Schulman

Principal, Fish & Richardson
Eric Schulman is a Principal in the Silicon Valley office of Fish & Richardson. His practice is primarily focused on patent prosecution and counseling, patent strategy and analysis, and development and management of patent portfolios. Mr. Schulman also has experience in trademark... Read More →

Friday September 14, 2018 4:00pm - 4:50pm
Expo Stage