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Thursday, September 13


PRO TALK: Future of Money and Trade
Blockchain and digital currencies are going to significantly impact the future of global trade and trade wars with implications for policy, politics and technologies. Trade has been historically shaped by policies and politics with significant shifts happening with new technology introduction. Technologies like Blockchain are positioned to rapidly change traditional manual trade processes and open trade networks at a rapid pace. How modern trade wars would be impacted by Blockchain technologies and how companies/countries can shape their strategies to navigate through the changes in the global economic landscape? What are the implication for leaders of companies, countries and policy makers?

avatar for Kishan Bulusu

Kishan Bulusu

Founder and CEO, Trealth, Inc.
Kishan Bulusu Founder and CEO of Trealth, Inc. CRO of Cloudfabrix Kishan Bulusu has more than 20 years of leadership experience at both entrepreneurial and established companies. His past work ventures include experience in banking, cross-border deals, technology and entrepreneurship... Read More →

Thursday September 13, 2018 10:00am - 10:50am
Workshop Room 1


PRO TALK: Exploring Blockchains Without Cryptocurrencies
The uses for blockchain technologies go beyond cryptocurrency. Any business network that records transactions and can’t depend on a central proxy that everyone must trust, and for which those ledgers must be immutable, can be remade through blockchain technologies. Distributed ledgers for different use cases can have vastly different requirements. Hyperledger embraces the full spectrum of industry use cases, especially enterprise scenarios with widely varied requirements for decentralization, trust, continuity and confirmation times. Each represents a potentially unique optimization point for the technology. Daniela will discuss blockchains being built that do not involve cryptocurrency from companies in various industries including healthcare, education and supply chain to name a few.

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Daniela Barbosa

Vice President of World Wide Alliances, Hyperledger
Daniela Barbosa serves as Vice President of World Wide Alliances for Hyperledger, where she is responsible for Hyperledger’s Member community while overseeing the broader industry and business community outreach and network growth. With access to 250+ Member companies, associations... Read More →

Thursday September 13, 2018 11:00am - 11:50am
Workshop Room 1


PRO TALK: Changing FinTech with Smart Contracts
The introduction of blockchain technology and smart contracts to the world of traditional finance has opened people's eyes to the countless inefficiencies and frustrations of traditional banking and financial systems. The current mechanisms and protocols of the financial world are cumbersome, expensive, and create an unnecessarily high barrier of entry for access. Smart contracts and tokenization allow entities to unlock new liquidity in traditionally illiquid assets. This means that asset holders can now leverage new capital that the financial systems of hold forbid. The only obstacle left is developing the right infrastructure and protocols for facilitating these markets and transactions.

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Syed Hussain

Syed S. Hussain is a highly innovative global executive, thought leader, advisor, investor, and serial entrepreneur. He currently serves as the Chief Commercial Officer for BANKEX - a top 50 fintech company that leverages blockchain technology to build the ‘Internet of Assets... Read More →

Thursday September 13, 2018 1:00pm - 1:50pm
Workshop Room 1


PRO TALK: Chain-Reaction – The Evolution of Social Media with Blockchain
Blockchain technology is prime for disrupting the social media world and gives the 99% the brand authority to compete with the 1%. Facebook has reacted to the threat of decentralization by banning cryptocurrency and blockchain-related material. Integrated APIs are giving developers the power to build blockchain-based social networks where affiliates can promote more freely, users has better control of their own data, and people are rewarded for collaboration. Crypto.Ƙred lets you use fungible ERC20 tokens to create your own non-fungible ERC821 digital assets with tokenized social conversations and real value.

avatar for Jodee Rich

Jodee Rich

CEO, PeopleBrowsr
CEO at PeopleBrowsr - An integrated Social Collaboration, Engagement, Crypto, and Blockchain mBaaS (pre ICO). I am on a mission to drive human Collaboration. The PeopleBrowsr mBaaS unlocks Your Community on Your own Domain. It stores your data in the cloud and in the blockchain.

Thursday September 13, 2018 2:00pm - 2:50pm
Workshop Room 1
Friday, September 14


OPEN TALK : Augmented Reality, Alexa and Blockchain - Made For Each Other
AR has allowed everyday objects to come to life digitally. Alexa has now enabled countless devices to interact through voice commands. These technologies greatly enhance the end user experience. Blockchain promises to allow any asset to be tracked across it’s lifecycle in a secured distributed way. However, the confluence of these three technologies leads to powerful capabilities which can greatly enhance existing business processes for enterprises. For ex: An application could use Alexa to receive voice commands to interact with an AR object and the change of state of the AR objects could be stored in a Blockchain. This allows traceability of the AR object states, Alexa commands and the overall interaction. This session will aim to walk the user through few examples leveraging Blockchain and the pitfalls to look out for along the way.

avatar for Andrew Morgan

Andrew Morgan

Director of Product Marketing, Infostretch
Andrew Morgan is the Director of Product Marketing at Infostretch. He is an experienced leader in strategic analysis, opportunity assessment, and roadmap execution.  With his guidance and expertise, he has helped companies expand their digital initiatives to unprecedented levels.   Andrew... Read More →

Friday September 14, 2018 9:25am - 9:50am
Main Stage